Business Plans

Free Joining/ Membership

Any Purchase = Prime Member*

1PV Purchase = Prime Distributor **

Repurchase = BV Active for that Month***

Every Product has unique MRP (Price for General)

Similarly, For Calculation, Every Product has Calculation Value in PV and BV Unit

(PV = Point Value, BV =Business Volume)

1 PV = 1500 BV

Income Plan

  1. Referral Bonus
  2. Retail Profit for Repurchase
  3. Level Incentive
  4. Team Incentive Offer
  5. Recognition
  6. Leadership Bonus

1. Referral Bonus- (Weekly)

a) Referral Bonus Direct Sponsor

  Any Prime Member* will be given Referral Bonus @ 20% On Activation Till 1 PV purchase/ 1st Invoice. There are unlimited Direct Sponsor option

b) Referral Level Bonus (Single Line Bonus)

Any Prime Distributor** will enjoy Referral Level Bonus up to the 36th Level as per.


2nd Level                      5% on BV

3rd Level                      5% on BV

4th Level                      5% on BV

5th Level                      5% on BV

6th Level                      3% on BV

7th Level                      2% on BV

8th Level                      1% on BV

9th – 12th Level             0.5% Each on BV

13th – 16th Level           0.25% Each on BV

17th to 36th Level        0.10% Each on BV

2. Retail Profit for Repurchase

 Any Prime Distributor** will be given Retail Profit @ 20 % on Repurchase (After 1PV /2nd Invoice).


3. Level Incentive on Repurchase (Monthly)

Only  for BV Active Members***  (Single Line Incentive)

Prime Distributor** will enjoy Level Incentive up to the 36th Active level as per.

1st Active Level 5% on B.V
2nd Active Level 5% on B.V
3rd Active Level 5% on B.V
4th Active Level 5% on B.V
5th Active Level 5% on B.V
6th Active Level 3% on B.V
7th Active Level 2% on B.V
8th Active Level 1% on B.V
9th to 12th Active Level (each level) 0.5% on B.V
13th to 16th Active Level (each level) 0.25% on B.V
17th to 36th Active Level (each level) 0.10% on B.V

4. Team Incentive Offer (Monthly)

for BV Active Members  (Gap Benefit)

10 PV 3%
20 PV 3%
40 PV 4%
100 PV 4.5%
260 PV 5%
750 PV 5.25%
2500 PV 5.5%
10000 PV 5.75%
40,000 PV 6%
1,50,000 PV 6.25%
5,00,000 PV 6.5%
25,00,000 PV 6.75%
1,50,00,000 PV 7%

5.Recognition – No Time Limit

40 PV Match EXECUTIVE 4,000 Rupees
200 PV Match SILVER EXECUTIVE 10,000 Rupees
1000 PV Match PERL EXECUTIVE 40,000 Rupees for 2 wheeler
5000 PV Match EMERALD EXECUTIVE Alto car / 3 Lac
20000 PV Match GOLD EXECUTIVE SUV car / 10 Lac
100000 PV Match PLATINUM EXECUTIVE  BMW car / 22 Lac
500000 PV Match DIAMOND EXECUTIVE  Luxury Flat / 45 Lac

To get this Designation and Cash Prize, Prime Distributor has to sponsor direct Two or More Member. If anybody Sponsor Multiple Members Direct, then ‘Highest P.V. Generating Direct Member’s’ Total Team will be your Team A. And ‘Rest Direct members’ total team, will be your Team B. In that situation,

1PV from “Team A” and 1 PV from “Team B” will make a “1 PV Match” (A:B=1:1= 1PV Match)

When Lower PV Generating Member’s Total PV Cross Highest PV Generating member’s Total PV, Automatically New Highest PV Generating Member will be your ‘Team A’ and Rest All Direct Member will be Counted as ‘Team B’. Every time needs fresh PV match to get higher Designation and Prize. One person can get a Prize one time only.

6. Life Time Bonus (Monthly)

a. Self Purchase 4PV within 90 days of Joining = 4% Bonus on Level Incentive every time.

b. 6 Direct Sponsor with 1 PV Purchase within 90 days of Joining 6% Bonus on Level Incentive every time.

c. 6 Direct Sponsor with 2 PV Purchase within 90 Days of Joining another 10% Bonus on Level Incentive every time.

If anyone achieves two or three of above, accordingly he/she will get two or three bonuses.

* (Within 15 days from the date of joining)

** (Within 30 days from the date of joining)

*** (Every month fresh Repurchase needed as per criteria)